About Policy Hacks

Policy Hacks is an initiative of iSPIRT aimed at demystifying Policy to the young entrepreneurs and practitioners in Indian Software product industry(SPI) and especially in start community in SPI.

Policy Hacks was started in May 2016 and has taken up several issues on which bogs were published on Product Nation blog site.

Policy Hacks blogs were listed as most popular blogs on product nation blog site. Since, Policy requires a special attention and many a times the blogs are a sequel on a topic, it requires a dedicated Blog site.

PolicyHacks.in is therefore launched by iSPIRT as a dedicated blog site as well as to seek attention from SPI companies to highlight their problems and support them. One of the main features of this PolicyHacks blog site is the Policy Hacks hotline.

PolicyHacks Hotline can be accesses from menu above or link here.