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Place of Effective Management (POEM) of a business February 23, 2017- By Sudhir Singh

Finance minister had announced during budget 2016 that place of effective management (POEM) will determine if a company is resident in India or not. Accordingly, this was notified in Finance ACT 2016 as under. The details of what will determine the place of business rules was not decided in the Finance Act 2016. The POEM […]

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The payment gateway friction in cross-border trade of Software products October 17, 2016- By Sudhir Singh

The payment gateway problem in exporting online from India It is not easy for Indian Software product companies to export products online and receive payments in India.  This is true for both the downloadable Software product or Software as a Service (SaaS). Experts say there is no legal or policy hurdle from RBI. Yet, there is friction. An […]

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Recurring Billing for SaaS. Is it available in India? September 13, 2016- By Sudhir Singh

Recurring Billing  – demystified for SaaS companies Abstract For any SaaS Startup with India market focus, the biggest bottleneck today is recurring billing. It is not available as an open, over the counter service from payment gateways. Most startups have to work around to solve this problem. The workaround may be using an expensive international […]

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