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IGP (Innovative Growth Platform): The Capital Enabler January 8, 2021- By Naganand D

Two Cs are extremely critical for startups: Capital and Customers. In India, with a population of 1.3B, customers for B2C or B2B2C startups is not an issue. For B2B startups, although the market in India is promising, global markets are still very important.  Capital on the other hand is trickier. The total capital raised by […]

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Demystifying India’s Data Protection Bill By Supratim Chakraborty And Siddharth Shetty September 2, 2018- By Sudhir Singh

Data protection and privacy have been a topic of hot debates and discussion in recent times in India. It had become extremely important as India is progressing to a be a “Digital economy” to address this issues relating to the use of personal data. iSPIRT has been in forefront of developing Consent Framework and called […]

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