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iSPIRT’s response to Union Budget 2023 February 1, 2023- By Sudhir Singh

Budget 2023 – Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) the ‘Mantra’ for New India iSPIRT Foundation, a technology think-and-do tank, believes that India’s hard problems can be solved only by leveraging public technology for private innovation. iSPIRT as a think tank pioneered the Digital Public infrastructure (DPIs) India is at the cusp of what could be the […]

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RBI Rationalized Reporting Process for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) January 13, 2023- By Tanuvi Thakur

Rationalized Reporting Process for FDI by the RBI is a win for iSPIRT's Stay-in-India Checklist.

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38% of India’s Unicorns Are Not “Indian” June 1, 2022- By Amit Agrahari

India currently has 90 unicorns – startup companies that are valued at over $1b – and will likely soon have 100 unicorns, becoming the third such country after the USA and China. Since January 2016 when the “Startup India” program was launched, the startup ecosystem of India including infrastructure for startups, be it incubators, mentorship, […]

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