Policy Hotline

A proactive policy initiative

Post your grave policy issue and problem

Compliance is an important area of your Business. There are challenging areas in compliance. Many a times due to gaps in existing Policy frameworks, the businesses are taken by a surprise leaving a company with non-compliance or complex compliance situation. As a result companies end up getting notice from respective Government departments.

Policy Hacks hotline is meant to address these situations and provide guidance and support to handle these situations. iSPIRT may take up representation to respective Government departments after a due assessment on case to case basis.

We invite Software product industry members to bring issues that fall under above category.

Disclaimer: iPSIRT shall take up only genuine cases that are either due to policy gaps or an issue that is already on iSPIRT list to be shorted out by Government. iPSIRT will not take up individual or issues that are due to a shortfall in compliance by a company or are non-representative of Software Product Industry.


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