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Discussion on “The Information Technology [Intermediaries Guidelines (Amendment) Rules] 2018”

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meity) has put up a new set of draft rules for the IT Act, and is inviting feedback.  The draft rules mostly relates to governing violations on social media. The Draft is given at: It contains a link to the new rules: This PolicyHacks recording was done on 2nd January 2018 at 5.30 pm covering a discussion on the proposed rules (amendement). iSPIRT Volunteers, Sanjay Jain, Saranya Gopinath, Venkatesh Hariharan (Venky), Tanuj Bhojwani iSPIRT volunteers and Bhusan, a lawyer from IDFC participated in the discussions with Sudhir Singh. The main aspects of the draft amendment and its impact on the Software product and...
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National Digital Communication Policy as seen by Cloud Telephony industry

Cloud Telephony industry and NDCP 2018 iSPIRT has been actively engaged pursuing the favourable policy for the Cloud Telephony sector in Telecom Industry, an amalgamation of the various IT and Communications technologies. National Digital Communication Policy has been announced recently and it is encouraging to see the announcements in the policy on some common issues to do with Startup ecosystem and digital communication aspects of the Cloud Telephony Players. We are expecting the DOT to further work on implementation and framing of rules and regulation in light of policy in near future. Despite many positive directional changes, there is a need to develop a regulatory framework for the Cloud Telephony...
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Demystifying Digital Sky

– By Tanuj Bhojwani This is the first in a series on drones. On August 27, 2018 India announced its much awaited Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR) for drones. The new CAR had many improvements on the original draft published last year, but most important was the introduction of Digital Sky, a technology platform that would handle the entire process of regulating the registration and permissions for all Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems above the nano category, i.e. any remote controlled or automated flying object – multi-rotor or fixed-wing, electric or IC-engine. These set of regulations along with the announcement of Digital Sky drone policy represent the government’s “Drone Policy 1.0”. What...
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Demystifying Draft Data Protection bill presently under public consultation process by MeitY

Data protection and privacy has been a topic of hot debates and discussion in recent times in India. It had become extremely important as India is progressing to a be a “Digital economy” to address this issues relating to use of personal data. iSPIRT has been in forefront of developing Consent Framework and called as Data Protection & Empowerment Architecture (DEPA). The Account Aggregator Policy of RBI revolves around this consent architecture. Whereas the bill is of interest to almost all the sectors of economy, it is extremely important for businesses in Information Technology sector and especially in Software product Industry to understand the law as it is seeded and further...
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Preferred Market Access Policy for Indian CyberSecurity Products

Government of India had announced a Preferred Market Access (PMA) policy for Cyber Security products through an order notifying the Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India). MeitY shall be the nodal Ministry to monitor and administer this PMA policy. The policy announcement is given at link given here.  Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India) Order 2017- Notifying Cyber Security Products in furtherance of the Order iSPIRT has been pursuing with MietY, application of PMA for all Indian Software Products to promote the Indian Software product industry and it is heartening to note that at least one important sub-sector of Cybersecurity has caught the Government’s attention. iSPIRT organised a...
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